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Saturday, October 9, 2010

iPhone Application for Mariners


JMS Naval Architects and Salvage Engineers have announced the release of their first iPhone application: the US Navy Salvor’s Handbook. The Salvor’s
 Handbook, a condensed and ready-reference compendium of expert guidance on responses to all types of commercial and military ships in distress, now fits in the salvor’s hip pocket.

The US Navy Supervisor of Salvage wanted to provide their on-scene salvage personnel access to their extensive library of marine casualty response know-how, described as the "hard-earned and sometimes blood-stained knowledge". Information about lessons learned from decades of US Navy response to all types of ships in distress around the world as well as salvage operations of all sizes and scopes was used to create the US Navy Salvor's Handbook for the Supervisor of Salvage in 1990. Since its government publication, JMS has received thousands of requests for the handbook from commercial mariners and salvors all over the world.

Commercial and military marine salvors are not the only personnel who find this ready-reference indispensable. Owners and operators of both commercial and recreational vessels of almost any size and purpose will find this practical compendium of marine casualty response know-how very handy (if not invaluable) before, during and after a ship casualty. Naval architects, marine engineers and other maritime professions rely on it as a handy diagnostic, repair, design and engineering reference while at the office and on the water.

This expert guidance is now available for your iPhone. To get your copy, simply visit the website or search for "JMS" or "Salvors Handbook" in the App Store icon on your iPhone.
For more information, contact Rick Fernandes (email:

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