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Friday, July 23, 2010

Launching an Omani warship "AL RAHMANI" in Portsmouth

Proud dockyard workers in Portsmouth are preparing to hand over a warship to the Omani navy - only the second foreign fighting ship ever built in the city.

The Al Rahmani is the second of three ships built by BAE for the Royal Navy of Oman to defend Omani waters and tackle pirates in the Arabian Sea.
The 99-metre long corvette will be launched tomorrow at Portsmouth Naval Base to mark the 40th anniversary of the Sultanate of Oman.

An imam will read from the Qu'ran before a bottle of Omani rose water is smashed against the ship's hull, rather than traditional champagne to respect the Muslim state's teetotal traditions.

Up to 1,500 workers at Portsmouth dockyard have helped build the three ships, and tomorrow's ceremony marks another significant day in the base's maritime heritage.

John Richardson, Oman project director for BAE, said: 'I've been around the shipbuilding industry for a number of years and it's always an occasion that tugs at the heart-strings.

'It's a significant day for us, Portsmouth Naval Base and for the Omani navy. There will be a lot of pride tomorrow when she is launched.'

The Al Rahmani has a nautical range of 3,500 miles and has a helicopter flight deck. Designed to accommodate a crew of about 100, she also has a top speed of 25 knots and will stay at sea for up to 21 days.

Mr Richardson said: 'It's a highly capable vessel with leading edge technology. There have been extra challenges as the ship will operate in higher sea temperatures in Omani waters.'There'll be further sea trials for the engine, conflict systems and air conditioning as summer temperatures can reach 50 degrees in Oman, when a realistic working temperature should be about 20 degrees.'

Guests of honour tomorrow include Oman Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs, Sayyid Bader bin Saud bin Harib Al Busaidi, and the Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman, Admiral Abdullah Khamis Abdullah Al Raisi.

The first of the three corvettes - the Al Shamikh - is also at the naval base for final sea trials before she is taken to Oman in the autumn. The third ship - the Al Rasikh - will launch later this year.

Last Updated: 23 July 2010 7:06 AM
Source: The News
Location: Portsmouth  

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Oman Weather said...

what do they mean by "when a realistic working temperature should be about 20 degrees"
thats probably the lowest.
Remember a couple of years ago when in Muscat the night time temp dropped to 15 and we all were so cold.
They should plan on a range of 20 to 55

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