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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oman Air "the Middle East most exiting airline"

14 March 2010

The Middle East's most exciting airline, the Sultanate of Oman's national carrier Oman Air  has been praised by one of the world's leading luxury travel experts.

Varun Sharma, presenter of Inside Luxury Travel with Varun Sharma, the satellite, cable & terrestrial TV programme that is beamed into over 390 million homes, in 18 languages across the globe each week, described Oman Air's premium cabins as "superb, with extremely comfortable seating and absolutely delicious food."Varun's comments came after he experienced Oman's new First Class service from London to Oman's capital of Muscat and the airline's new Business Class service from Muscat to Bangkok. The trips were made in the course of filming programmes about Oman and Thailand for his show, which is broadcast on Travel Channel, CNBC, Showtime and ATV.

Varun says: "Oman Air is a young airline but shows all the promise to be one of the leading carriers in the Middle East ... and beyond." Varun also describes the Sultanate of Oman in glowing terms: "Oman is one of the very few true luxury destinations in the world. Everything there is done on a grand, but tasteful, scale. Service is, on the whole, fantastic and it's certainly NOT a destination for those looking for high-rise, low-quality hotel and resort properties that are so prevalent in the region today."

The Inside Luxury Travel focus on Oman was broadcast in the second week of February, once production of the entire series had been completed. This marathon task involved the editing of 21 hours of videotape to create a one-hour programme.

Varun Sharma comments: "The task was huge and we had to make some very difficult choices. We saw so many wonderful and fascinating destinations, hotels and attractions that, inevitably, some ended up on the cutting room floor.

Fortunately, however, we were able to convey a sense of the beauty and luxury available to visitors to all the destinations we visited - none more so than in Oman."Having arrived in such style - and having enjoyed the service, the dining and the sheer sense of exclusivity that comes with flying in Oman's new First Class cabin - I was delighted by the hospitality of the Omani people. The addition of outstanding hotels, fantastic adventures in the desert and the sea, and a rich culture ensured that my visit was unforgettable."

"In fact, I loved Oman so much that, as soon as I got home from my hectic filming schedule, I booked a holiday there. And I couldn't wait until Oman Air took me away from the cold of a British winter, to the warmth of an Omani welcome and the heat of the Muscat sun."

Philippe Georgiou, Oman Air's Chief Officer Corporate Affairs, who oversees the airline's communications and customer service department, says: "We are delighted that Varun enjoyed his flights with Oman Air and we are equally delighted that he has chosen to share his experiences with so many people around the world. With our new aircraft, new cabins and continually increasing choice of destinations, Varun could not have chosen a better time to fly with Air and we look forward to welcoming him, and his many millions of viewers, whenever they wish to fly with us."

Corporate Communications & Media Department
Oman Air
© Press Release 2010

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Oman Air said...

I enjoyed my flights with Oman Air - from Gatwick and now Heathrow. Their several times a day flight to Salalah is also good - though always full

Anonymous said...

Oman Air is truly improving. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I like Oman Air but they need to improve the call center

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